Ex-Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem housemate, Ike Onyema has described the current set of housemates as entertaining.

Ike, who currently stars on the Mercy & Ike show currently streaming on Showmax added that while he finds them entertaining, he’s still looking to see the black sheep of the bunch.

“I’m still looking to see the bad boy/girl of the house but I definitely like them. They are all very entertaining to watch so far. No favourites yet. I am still waiting for the one who will show me that crazy side, the one that will act like the black sheep of the group.” Ike shared in an exclusive chat.

Speaking on whether he would have preferred to be with this set rather than his Pepper Demcrew, Ike maintained that he prefers his set specifically because of Mercy.

“Definitely I had fun with my set. Number one because of Mercy. It hasn’t been that long yet and I don’t want to over judge them but, like I said, they’re too soft. I have not seen anyone with that fire yet; I don’t see anyone causing trouble. The first week in that house I caused quite a bit of drama. If I was in this house by now, I would have turned it upside down.”

Ike who has since kicked off a photography business shared that the best thing about being in the Big Brother house is the platform it provides, which according to him opens doors to make money. On the flip side, he cited the incessant judgment as one of the downsides of being on the show.

“The worst thing about it is the fact that I think Big Brother is a social experiment and it opens you up as a housemate to all of Nigeria, Africa and maybe the whole world, and they are watching you for 24 hours and three months, judging everything you do from sneezing, coughing, cleaning and so on. So when you come out of the house, you realise that the judging will continue and that might be the worst thing because it’s still the same thing outside the house, so it’s like there is no way around, as I have seen. No matter what you do, those same fans who were talking about you in the house will still talk about you outside the house.”

Ike, who also shared that watching the show brings a lot of nostalgia, admitted that it was more fun for him now as a viewer rather than a housemate.

“Watching it brings back so much nostalgia. I mean I think about my time in the house a lot but I will say I like it more now as a viewer because when you are in the house, there is just so much pressure and mind games. You are thinking, ‘What is the next person thinking? How do I stay in the house much longer? Am I entertaining the viewers? Am I doing what they like?’ But outside the house, it is like a family show to me. I just sit back, relax and enjoy. During sad moments, I am like ‘’awwn.’ Even the moment they all sat together to address the issue of food fight, I was like, ‘Wow, it is very entertaining for me now’ but while I was in the house not so much. It was more like a business transaction and I was just trying to make sure that it goes well but now it is good watching from this side.

Ike who signed a deal with PTR Lifestyle for their club, Kabaal, also recently launched a blog, Ike Exclusive where he seeks to promote positive vibes only.

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