Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay says she won’t mind settling down with a cheating partner.

The music star made this while chatting with Simi for an episode of her show ‘Stoopid Sessions.’

“I would actually be cool with my man having chics, I will be cool as long as they are chics, not one. Because if he has one chic on the side they are going to fall in love with that one chic,” she said.

“But if there are chics outside but I’m his number one clearly in any way, he doesn’t have to tell me about it but as long as we have the conversation in the beginning.”

The music star has been making the headlines lately and we can say they have been very controversial

Recall back in May when she was involved in a messy Instagram hacked account drama.

The music star had raised an alarm on Thursday, May 21, 2020, about not approving the release of the three semi-nude photos on her Instagram page.

According to her, the account was compromised.

The account was later deactivated and activated again.

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