Erica has won week seven’s head of house games.

Week seven’s head of house games has seen Erica emerge winner, her second win since the show kicked off.

The Head of House games spotted a few additions to its usual dice game and saw Erica beat the housemates to the highest spot.

It appears the week kicked off with a few changes to the game. This time, Biggie instructed the newest head of house to select her deputy in one minute as opposed to the 20-minute timeline from preceding weeks.

For her deputy, Erica nominated Prince and they both selected TrikyTee and Dorathy as guests with limited access to the HOH lounge.

As has been the norm, each week’s HOH and deputy enjoy privileges ranging from immunity from the week’s eviction as well as exclusive access to the luxurious HOH lounge.

Erica’s win comes in the wake of Ozo’s reign as HOH for week six. The former HOH selected his love interest, Nengi as his deputy.

Eke is the first female ever to win the BBNaija reality TV show since it began over a decade ago.

The winner of the fourth season of Big Brother Naija season 4, Mercy Eke has gotten for her elder sister, Promise, a car gift on her birthday.

The reality TV star took to her Instagram page on Friday, August 28, 2020, where she shared a video of the gift presentation to the celebrant.

“Happy birthday to my amazing sister @sweeryeke you so special in my life, you deserve so much happiness on your special day, and I pray to always make you happy. I love you @sweeryeke ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” she captioned the video.

Eke’s car gift is a 2012 Toyota Venza.

According to car website, Cheki.com, the car goes for between N4.5M – N5.5M.

Eke emerged the 4th winner of BBNaija after she was announced the winner of the 2019 edition tagged Pepper Dem.

She is the first female ever to win the BBNaija reality TV show since it began over a decade ago.

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate Lucy has lamented the influence of the Head of house power on Erica.

Lucy on Thursday during her diary session said Erica has become rude since she became the head of house.

Recall that Lucy and Erica engaged in a heated argument on Tuesday during their task rehearsal.

Both female housemates also clashed on Wednesday.

“Kiddwaya is more sensible than Erica. Erica doesn’t take suggestions and has become rude, Head of house power has changed her and gotten into her.

“Becoming Head of house has corrupted Kiddwaya and Erica.

“Power has changed Erica and she’s just bringing out her new character.”

Ex-Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem housemate, Ike Onyema has described the current set of housemates as entertaining.

Ike, who currently stars on the Mercy & Ike show currently streaming on Showmax added that while he finds them entertaining, he’s still looking to see the black sheep of the bunch.

“I’m still looking to see the bad boy/girl of the house but I definitely like them. They are all very entertaining to watch so far. No favourites yet. I am still waiting for the one who will show me that crazy side, the one that will act like the black sheep of the group.” Ike shared in an exclusive chat.

Speaking on whether he would have preferred to be with this set rather than his Pepper Demcrew, Ike maintained that he prefers his set specifically because of Mercy.

“Definitely I had fun with my set. Number one because of Mercy. It hasn’t been that long yet and I don’t want to over judge them but, like I said, they’re too soft. I have not seen anyone with that fire yet; I don’t see anyone causing trouble. The first week in that house I caused quite a bit of drama. If I was in this house by now, I would have turned it upside down.”

Ike who has since kicked off a photography business shared that the best thing about being in the Big Brother house is the platform it provides, which according to him opens doors to make money. On the flip side, he cited the incessant judgment as one of the downsides of being on the show.

“The worst thing about it is the fact that I think Big Brother is a social experiment and it opens you up as a housemate to all of Nigeria, Africa and maybe the whole world, and they are watching you for 24 hours and three months, judging everything you do from sneezing, coughing, cleaning and so on. So when you come out of the house, you realise that the judging will continue and that might be the worst thing because it’s still the same thing outside the house, so it’s like there is no way around, as I have seen. No matter what you do, those same fans who were talking about you in the house will still talk about you outside the house.”

Ike, who also shared that watching the show brings a lot of nostalgia, admitted that it was more fun for him now as a viewer rather than a housemate.

“Watching it brings back so much nostalgia. I mean I think about my time in the house a lot but I will say I like it more now as a viewer because when you are in the house, there is just so much pressure and mind games. You are thinking, ‘What is the next person thinking? How do I stay in the house much longer? Am I entertaining the viewers? Am I doing what they like?’ But outside the house, it is like a family show to me. I just sit back, relax and enjoy. During sad moments, I am like ‘’awwn.’ Even the moment they all sat together to address the issue of food fight, I was like, ‘Wow, it is very entertaining for me now’ but while I was in the house not so much. It was more like a business transaction and I was just trying to make sure that it goes well but now it is good watching from this side.

Ike who signed a deal with PTR Lifestyle for their club, Kabaal, also recently launched a blog, Ike Exclusive where he seeks to promote positive vibes only.

DJ Consequence set the mood for the 80’s highball themed Saturday night party. 

From our go-to kings and queens of the dance floor to alcohol induced conflict resolutions, this week’s Saturday night party was a delight!

For the Lockdown housemates’ third Saturday night party, DJ Consequence took hold of the wheels of steel with a guest appearance by Ladipoe. Catch the highlights:

Erica, Tolanibaj, Prince, Neo, Praise, BrightO rule the night

It is safe to finally crown this crew the kings and queens of the party going by how they have taken the same energy into the third week of the show.

For the first time since the show officially kicked off, Wathoni took a few steps away from the mirror. Thankfully, recently single Eric was right by her side with hugs and a couple of dance moves.

An interesting bit to note is Eric might be getting a little too comfortable around Wathoni as the pair have been caught up frequent embraces.

Vee resolves beef with Wathoni

Alcohol is everything but on a fun night, the least we expected was it being a peace making influencer.

For the night, an obviously intoxicated Vee took the high road, walked up to Wathoni and made peace over their recent squabble over bed spaces.

Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon’s triangle intensifies

Laycon proved to be the perfect gentleman during the party after dodging several alcohol influenced kisses from Erica but we certainly can not say same for Kiddwaya who let his hands stray constantly.

At this rate, their love triangle may blossom to animosity especially after Laycon revealed to Praise right after the party, that he could not trust Kiddwaya to not get intimate with Erica while under the influence.

Lucy finally gets a dance buddy

For the first time in weeks, Lucy got rescued from herself. After dancing alone for the best part of the party, housemate, Praise joined her for a few minutes.

The reality TV star’s team are working to recover the hacked account.

The Instagram account of Prince Nelson Enwerem, one of the housemates at the ongoing fifth season of Big Brother Naija has been hacked.

The news of the hacked account was announced on Friday, August 7, 2020.

In a post shared via a backup page created for the reality TV star, it was revealed that his original account with 150k followers had been compromised.

“Attention⚠️⚠️⚠️ This is to inform all our Royal Army…This page will serve as an official backup page for our “Prince’s” main Instagram which was hacked at the reach of 150k strong army😔,”the post read.

“We are not going to back down or be stopped, we will continue to grow strong and united together, hopefully, we get back the page from the HACKERS! Thank you all and we appreciate you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #BBNaija #Princebnaija #bbnaijalockdown #theroyalarmy🎠.”

Prince is one of the housemates at the ongoing fifth season of Big Brother Naija.

Ozo’s unrivaled win comes in the third week of the show.

The Lockdown season officially has its first male head of house following Ozo’s win at the Monday night HOH games.

Ozo’s win comes in the third week of the game and surprisingly with no ties unlike the past two which saw Nengi and Lucy emerge winners respectively.

For his deputy, Ozo selected Dorathy in what seemed like a difficult choice for him. Before announcing his choice, the HOH tried to talk to both Nengi and Dorathy, probably to help create a soft landing.

Although his selection barely comes as a surprise seeing as the pair have created a friendly bond over the past weeks, his attraction to Nengi put him in a dicey place.

The new head of house and his deputy are immune from this week’s eviction and will enjoy the luxuries of the HOH lounge.

Big Brother Naija housemate, K3ana, has given reasons other housemates voted her out on Sunday.

Ka3na became the first contestant to leave the show this year.

When interviewed by host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, she said she had “mixed feelings’ about leaving so early.

However, she was not angry with other housemates for voting her out as “it is only a game at the end of the day.”

Ka3na said she came on the show to sell her name and brand.

“I will continue working on my brand. I am grateful for this platform,” she added.

Following the eviction of Big Brother, BBNaija, 2020 ‘Lockdown’ housemates, Ka3na and Lilo, details of how Nigerians voted have emerged.

They were evicted during the Sunday night eviction show.

Their eviction has left 18 housemates battling for the grand prize of N65m.

All housemates except Lucy and prince were up for possible eviction this week.

Vee had the highest vote, while Ka3na had the least vote in the post released by DSTV.

However, the organiser of BBNaija promised viewers to make available the full list of housemates eviction votes later this night.

Here is a breakdown of how viewers voted for nine housemates:

Vee- 2.47%
Tolanibaj- 1.84%
Kaisha- 1.63%
Trikytee- 1.61%
Lilo – 1.52%
Eric -1.37%
Praise – 1.28%
Ka3na – 1.28%

Lilo, Eric, Praise and Ka3na emerged the least voted housemates.

The vacation is finally over for Lockdown housemates with the just concluded first eviction show of the season.

In a surprising turn of events, Big Brother announced that it was going to be a double eviction after unveiling Lilo, Eric, Ka3na and Praise as the least voted housemates of the week.

At the mercy of the safe housemates, the intense voting sessions began with BrightO who selected Eric and Ka3na. Nengi opted for Praise and Ka3na while the rest of the housemates voted away from public view.

A majority of the housemates clearly voted out Ka3na and Lilo who Ebuka announced as the first Lockdown housemates to leave the show.

While Lilo shared her plans to focus on her business and get a Masters degree, Ka3na revealed it is her brand all the way.

Interestingly, both housemates got into some entanglement while in the house especially Lilo who stuck to Eric throughout her short stay despite revealing she had something serious outside the show. Ka3na, on the other hand, got briefly involved with Praise during the week.