Buying Thrift (Second Hand ) Clothes Is Not Just For The Poor

Last holidays was my first time in the U.K, and I went to attend my sister’s wedding and like most people shopping abroad was high up my bucket list. I couldn’t wait to get outfits from the much talked about fashion retailers like Primark and Newlook.

My new oyibo friend overheard me hyping on the phone about my plans to empty Primark. She laughed and suggested I go to a second-hand shop to do my shopping. Ha! Second-hand shop ke! When this is not Abule Egba Lagos. I looked at her in shock. Maybe this girl thinks I live in a hut and cannot afford new clothes. As if she read my thoughts, she explained that second-hand clothes are sold to support a charity and not necessarily for the poor.

I decided to my research, and it turned out right. I was quite enlightened and decided to check out some thrift shops around.

Second hand or thrift shopping is not only for the poor, as popularly believed. It is a great way to shop premium designer wears for a fraction of the price.

Want to enjoy a wardrobe change without breaking your kolo or piggy bank? Then you should think of thrift clothing. Thrift shopping is not only for the poor. Did you know that in the United Kingdom thrift clothes are sold to support a charity?

Here are some of the reasons to consider thrift shopping.

Shop more with little cash

Thrift clothes only mean looking good for less. Most thrifts are quality imported clothes. So they are long-lasting giving you the advantage of variety. This means you can enjoy a total wardrobe change and still spend little money.

Quality Clothes For Less

We can get designer and vintage pieces for a fraction of the retail price, affording you to get quality for so much less. Thrift shopping gives you the benefit of looking expensive without needing to break the bank.

Thrift Clothes Are Unique

Another reason is to love thrifts is the uniqueness. You can get unique and vintage pieces of clothing with thrifts, unlike most clothes sold in the market where you can find various duplicates. Thrift clothes mostly come in very limited pieces.

Play A Supporting Role For Charity Organisations

In western countries like the U.K thrift shopping is done to support charities. An example is the Salvation Army Thrift store where you can donate and buy thrift clothes and other items at an affordable rate. Then after the money generated from the sales are used to fund the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers located in different parts of the world.

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