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The music star says her brand new Range Rover SUV was badly damaged.

Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay has narrated how she narrowly escaped death by the whiskers after a freak car accident in Lagos.

In an Instagram live conversation with fans, the music star shared her not so nice experience on her way from music star, Sound Sultan‘s house.

“So guess what, I was coming from Sound Sultan’s house the other day, my driver was driving, thank God, that is how a container truck just smashed the whole side of my new car, I was so angry, I couldn’t believe it,” she said.


“Actually, the container had a direct impact on a corolla. That corolla now hit my car. That’s how my car now flew from one side of the freaking freeway to the other side. I literally saw everything take place in front of my eyes, there was one passerby that was just walking o.

“Maybe to work God knows, that’s how my car hit him, the guy just flew up landed down and was screaming that! His legs, his legs… Hey come and see the car that the trailer hit directly, that car was a complete write-off, ‘right off ni motor yen’….I was so scared I was shaking, it took me a few minutes to get down from the car.

“My driver came down, he ran to the trailer and the car that was written off, I came out of the car and went to the old man that hit by my car because the lorry had pushed my car into him, he was on the floor talking about he’s legs were broken and that is how I started crying.”

She went on to narrate what happened at the police station, insisting that the truck driver was underaged.

“I couldn’t believe it and I was like what have i done, that is how we ended up in the police station, this was like 7 am I was in the police station till 11:30 am and if you see the driver of the trailer, I think he was 9 years old, he was so short, skinny and small I couldn’t believe that something so tiny was driving a big trailer like that what is wrong with Nigerians?” she said.

“First of all the guy didn’t have a license, he didn’t have any identity card, these people didn’t even have insurance…Hey God! Sitting in that police station for almost 5 hours ehhn, hmmm Thank God the car still moves, but the whole side of the car dented, bumper fell off, new car o brand new range o.”

“Anyways that is how the car is now in the mechanic workshop so the owner of the trailer came one baba like this he apologized, the little 9-year-old boy said he was 23 years old, they said what is your name he said Ayo Eze, the guy sha he was just chatting shit so anyway that’s how they took him, locked him up in a cell, we waited three more hours.”

“His employer came, family, you know he actually paid for damages and repairs to my car and we left, thank God for life, thank God the impact wasn’t directly on my car because, God knows maybe I wouldn’t be talking to you right now but it was just very scary, I called everybody but las las the case is now closed.”

Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua also known as Seyi Shay is a Nigerian-based singer, songwriter, and actress.

Seyi Shay links up up with Ycee, Zlatan and Small Doctor to convey this mindful awesome melody titled “Tuale”.

Upbeat new year from Nigerian pop star, Seyi Shay! The vocalist makes her 2020 introduction with “Tuale” a tuneful favorable to difficult work record that praises individuals who scale the regular obstacles of life and get their hands messy for an authentic wellspring of pay.

The song which doubles as an ode to dedicated fans and supporters of the artiste accommodates vocal contributions from African music heavyweights; Ycee, Zlatan, and Small Doctor.

Enjoy below


Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay says she won’t mind settling down with a cheating partner.

The music star made this while chatting with Simi for an episode of her show ‘Stoopid Sessions.’

“I would actually be cool with my man having chics, I will be cool as long as they are chics, not one. Because if he has one chic on the side they are going to fall in love with that one chic,” she said.

“But if there are chics outside but I’m his number one clearly in any way, he doesn’t have to tell me about it but as long as we have the conversation in the beginning.”

The music star has been making the headlines lately and we can say they have been very controversial

Recall back in May when she was involved in a messy Instagram hacked account drama.

The music star had raised an alarm on Thursday, May 21, 2020, about not approving the release of the three semi-nude photos on her Instagram page.

According to her, the account was compromised.

The account was later deactivated and activated again.