is the No. 1 auction site in Nigeria. It currently has over 20,000 active daily bidders and more than 500 winners so far. 


It is an auction site that constantly puts up luxurious products on auction and the winner of the auction who is the last bidder that runs down the countdown timer to zero and closes uninterrupted by another bidder gets to buy the items at discounted prices of up to 95% off the retail price.

Some unique features of Craybid are:

  1. A 100% promo code for every new winner that affords them the opportunity of getting two times the number of credits purchased when used.
  2. An insurance button that when activated before participating in an auction, ensures that the user gets back 50% of credits used in a lost auction.
  3. An earned discount system whereby every user gets an auto voucher which is worth 50% of the amount spent on credits. This voucher can be used to buy directly any product of choice from craybid’s online store.
  4. An autobid system that can place random bids on behalf of the user based on the specifications given by the user themselves.
  5. A buy now option that enables a user who does not want to participate in the auction to buy the product directly at craybid’s price.
  6. A prompt delivery service that ensures that products get to the buyers between 1- 7 working days from the order date.
  7. Promo codes that are made public at intervals that users can make use of while purchasing credits in order to get credit bonuses.
  8. A referral system that ensures that users who refer other people to the site through their links get 10 free credits per referral.
  9. A remind button that when set ensures that a notification is sent to you just before a particular auction of interest commences.
  10. A live support service that ensures that all complaints, queries, and enquiries from users can be effectively handled.
  11. We always advice Craybid users to have a bidding plan, not to exceed their planned budget and to ultimately bid responsibly always.

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